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Having a pool adds a lot of fun and
enjoyment in your life. It’s a great
place to enjoy the outdoors with
family and friends and sometime
just a little peace and quiet for
yourself. Like any major
investment your pool is no different.
Proper maintenance is very
important to the life of your pool
and pool equipment.

Pristine Pool and Spa Service is the company that can help you with that. We have developed service plans to meet everyone’s needs and budgets. It’s important to use proper, quality, chemicals and balances so your pool doesn’t turn into a corrosive pool. When looking at a sparkling clean pool you would think everything is balanced and fine but in testing the water things can be different. If the balances are not correct damage can be done to your plumbing, pool interior and mechanical equipment which would mean expensive problems down the road.

Pristine Pool and Spa Service is an owner/operator company. I am here to provide an honest and professional service to you. I strive to keep my customers satisfied and to maintain a long term relationship.

               Pristine Pool and Spa Service now vacuums your pool with our new powerful portable machine. No longer is it required to hook up to your pool’s filter system. We take the debris from your pool with us. This also saves you on your water bill. Our new process will drastically reduce your water usage.